1. Seek appropriate medical care.

2. Request that the product be preserved. It is difficult for an injured party to pursue

a products liability case unless the product and the product defect can be identified. This

is particularly important with generic products that are manufactured and sold by multiple

parties. Lack of evidence of the specific identity of the product can be fatal to product

liability claims. Product identification is usually an issue in this type of case.

3. If the product in question was used in conjunction with another device or product,

the second device should be preserved as well. For example, if a shotgun explodes when

it is fired by the user, both the gun and the bullets should be preserved by or on behalf of

the injured party. When products are extensively damaged, it is not unusual for them to

be disposed of by persons who do not realize that this evidence may be critical to pursuit

of a products liability claim.

4. Contact an attorney who handles products liability cases as soon as possible so

that the proper steps can be taken to preserve the evidence and the appropriate

investigation can be completed as soon as possible.

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