If you have suffered severe injuries and/or a family member has been killed, you should consult

an attorney before you agree to speak with a representative of the insurance company for the at

fault party.

Personal injury cases often involve claims for serious and permanent injury. Sometimes, it is

difficult to determine at the outset whether or not a particular injury will prove to be permanent.

Serious head injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burns, broken bones, bulging disks, loss

of hearing or sight, paralysis, amputation, paraplegia, quadriplegia, and/or death require the

assistance of an experienced personal injury litigation attorney.

While every injury is serious to some degree, personal injury and accident attorney Gregory J.

Egan focuses his personal injury and wrongful death practice on the long term effects associated

with particularly severe and disabling injuries. By “catastrophic” we mean a personal injury that

requires significant medical treatment and has long-term and permanent effects on an injured

victim’s life. Some injuries are catastrophic, but with good medical attention and rehabilitation,

the injured victim often makes an excellent recovery. Other catastrophic injuries result in

significant chronic pain and suffering and permanent disability. Catastrophic injuries often

reduce the lifespan of the injured party.

If you or someone that you know and love suffers from a catastrophic personal injury, it is most

likely the result of a motor vehicle accident. More people suffer catastrophic injuries as a result

of vehicular accidents than any other cause. Motor vehicle collisions (including car, truck and

motorcycle collisions) are also one of the leading causes of death. Personal injury attorney

Gregory J. Egan has handled numerous catastrophic personal injury claims throughout the

Midwest over the past 30 years and knows how to maximize results on behalf of injured clients

and their families.

Gregory J. Egan has experience in handling catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death

cases arising out of motor vehicle collisions, the use and operation of defective products, medical

malpractice, defective property, and other wrongful conduct. Mr. Egan also has extensive

experience handling uninsured and underinsure motorist claims for people who are injured in

motor vehicle collisions and seek redress against their own insurance company which has

refused to treat them fairly.

To learn what a catastrophic personal injury attorney can do to help you or a member of your

family who may have been seriously injured or killed, please contact us today for a free initial


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